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Short history

 "Trgo-engineering" - Company for Civil Engineering, LLC - is established in 1991 in Skopje.


The main activity of the company is carrying out construction, craft and installation works.


Certain stages, for more specific things, we have concluded agreements on mutual cooperation and tender performances.

The company has a financial service manager and other staff. Operating staff is lead by an operative manager with assistants.

We have a skilled workforce and a sufficient number of unskilled workers.


The company has its own ground, where the warehouses for materials, metalworking workshop, carpentry workshop, eaves and free space for parking of vehicles, storage petty machinery and auxiliary materials are located.


We have our own transportation, trucks and light vehicles, backhoe, vibrating rollers, jumping jack rammers, compressors, asphalt cutting machines, concrete mixers, construction revetment, scaffolding, complete locksmith equipment, sheet metal, carpenter work and other necessary tools for carrying water and sewage works.


Address: st. Bel Kamen 6/2
1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
Phone: 02/3176-224


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